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The foundation of the rural economy will be a professional agriculture sector creating stable incomes and high value exports

In partnership with our investors, Kinvest will develop commercial farms utilizing the best conservation agriculture practices to yield 10 times the value per hectare of traditional crops and methods.

Kinvest farms are designed to cultivate expertise among our workforce and ultimately transition the majority shareholding to our employees upon investor exit.


To help local entrepreneurs in Rwanda learn, develop, and cultivate farmland for the purpose of global distribution to achieve a sustainable local economy for the community.


Purchase (and lease) Rwandan farmland and train local entrepreneurs how to cultivate, harvest and export the crops.

Over the lifecycle of the fund the intention will be to position these workers to earn a living caring for the farm and to ultimately receive ownership of the farm to have a lifelong economic engine for themselves and their local community.

Fund Structure

The Capstone Kinvest Impact Fund is structured as a Limited Partnership and is open to institutions, corporations and private individuals that are eligible investors in the Canadian Partnership.

For further information regarding the structure and terms of the fund please contact Kinvest and a representative will contact you to discuss.