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Rwanda Farm Map

Kinvest is founded on two core principles that drive our strategy. We seek to unlock maximum human potential and create generational economic change through local ownership

Strategic crop selection is incredibly important. Selecting crops with a combination of proven track record, high value, and long shelf life to minimize supply chain losses de-risks the whole business.

Kinvest Capstone Impact Fund 1

Kigali, Rwanda

200 Hectares

The objective of the fund is to help local entrepreneurs in Rwanda learn, develop, and cultivate farmland for the purpose of global distribution to achieve a sustainable local economy for the community. The strategy is to purchase Rwandan farmland and train local entrepreneurs how to cultivate, harvest and export the crops.

Over the lifecycle of the fund the intention will be to position these workers to earn a living caring for the farm and to ultimately receive ownership of the farm to have a lifelong economic engine for themselves and their local community.

Farm Map
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Field Crops

  • 1/3 of our land under cultivation
  • Chili peppers, ginger, turmeric and passion fruit
  • Field crops will yield early cash flow for investors


  • 2/3 of our land
  • Macadamia and coffee
  • Intercropping macadamia with coffee has a beneficial impact on both
  • Creates long term profit in mature value chains that are well suited to Rwanda's climate